A must have for aspiring green thumbs to experts, succulents provide a monochrome palette while retaining interesting textures. These arrangements last months if not years with minimal maintentance.


* Note: Pictures shown are examples of style only. Pictures do not necessarily match selected budget. Succulent colours and pot styles may vary, are subject to availability, and cannot be guaranteed. 

Signature Succulent Planter

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Look and Feel
  • Keep in a bright room, with undirect sunlight being the best. Allow soil to be dry to the touch before watering. It is best to water to a spray bottle, as you don't want to get the leaves wet. Do not overwater, and allow the succulent to thrive on minimal attention. One can typically expect to water once  every 2 weeks depending on environment. If the leaves are starting to wrinkle, that means it is too dry. Succulents continue to grow, so continue to maintain the plant and may produce offshoots which are perfect for transplants.

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