This curated trio is the ultimate statement. Composed of a Pink Bromelia, Majestic Palm, and Bird of Paradise with beautifully designed metal and wood planters. Purchase all plants and containers separately or as a set. $260 applies to the set of plants only.


Pink Bromelia - $40/each

Majestic Palm - $100/each

Bird of Paradise - $120/each

Set of Three - $260


Designer Planters:

Small $95

Medium $125

Large $175

Set of Three - $395


* Note: Pictures shown are examples of style only. Pictures do not necessarily match selected budget. Colours and pot styles may vary, are subject to availability, and cannot be guaranteed. 

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  • Keep in a bright room, with filtered sunlight being the best.

    Pink Bromeliad: Water into foliage directly, no need to water the soil.

    Magestic Palm: This one loves light, ideally needs 6-8 of bright light. Soil should be kept moist. Underwatering will result in dry fronds and browning. Overwatering or poorly-draining soil will result in drooping or yellowing leaves. These trees need well-draining soil, and allow excess water to drain or roots will rot. Fertilize every 2-3 months with houseplant fertilizer. Stop fertilization during winter, when they don't grow as much.

    Bird of Paradise: Keep soil moist to the dryer side but not soggy during spring to fall. During winter, allow the top two inches to dry out before watering. They can benefit from the occational misting, which will also keep the dust off leaves. Fertilize once a month during growing periods of spring to fall.

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