Missing making your own choices at the store? #GIFvancouver brings the delights of fresh cut flowers online. Choose individual colour and quantity.


Ball or Pompon Dahlias $2.50/stem

Cactus Dahlias $3.00/stem

Café au Lait $9.00/stem (quantities fluctuate during the week, we will call if unavailable)


*Note: We will try our best to ensure your flower and colour choices be fulfilled. However, due to weekly auction availability certain flowers and colours may be substituted for others. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Fresh Cut Dahlias

  • For optimal longevity: use provided flower food, immediately cut a 45' angle and hydrate, refilling vase daily with room temperature to warm water*, and recut and replace water every couple days. Due to the perishable nature of flowers, our bouquets should last between 4-7 days depending on flower type and the external environment.

    * please note: dahlias like cooler water.

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