This tropical rainforest tree is a perfect focal point for any home. Pictured are two plants $100/each. In the second picture, we also have a Zizi plant $120/each


Textured Off- White Container : $60/each

Trio of Black Metal and Wood Containers:

Size: Small $95, Med $125, Large $175


* Note: Pictures shown are examples of style only. Pictures do not necessarily match selected budget. Colours and pot styles may vary, are subject to availability, and cannot be guaranteed. 

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Ficus

Purchase the Container!
Add a Zizi Plant +$120
  • Keep in a bright room, with filtered sunlight being the best. Soil should be kept moist. These trees need well-draining soil. Overwatering or poorly-draining soil will result in drooping or yellowing leaves. Fertilize with houseplant fertilizer every two weeks during spring and summer, and once a month in fall. Stop fertilization during winter, when they don't grow as much.

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